Music Review: Halsey

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‘Sup guys! Lately I’ve been listening to quite a bit of music by an up and coming artist, so for my first review I only thought it fitting it feature her. 

 Soon to be Twenty-one year old Ashley Frangipane, best known by her stage name Halsey, may be just breaking out onto the music scene but she definitely isn’t new to music. Before she was signed to Astralwerks Halsey sang on a YouTube channel under her birth name and made appearances at various venue’s under different stage names. 

In early 2014 she was signed after catching Astralwerks’ attention from posting her song Ghosts on Soundcloud. Late in the same year her first EP ‘Room 93’ was released. She has since toured with bands such as Young Rising Sons, The Kooks, and Imagine Dragons, released her first full length concept album, and become the most talked about person online at South by So What. Halsey is now planning her first headlining tour to travel through Europe and North America.

Halsey has a very unique sound, growing up she would hear Father listen to Noturious B.I.G and 2Pac while she’d hear her Mother listening to The Cure and Nirvana, she references this experience in her song New Americana off her first full length album Badlands, she says this has influenced her music style. Helping her come to this unique sound.

The first time I heard Halsey I was in my Dad’s car, half asleep in the backseat as we went to pick up my Mum from work, with my headphones(as always) blasting in my ears. I was listening to the radio and her song Ghost came on, I had no clue who was singing but I remember just instantly loving the song and for the next few days listening to it about a hundred times. I finally got the idea to check out a few other songs by her and fell in love with the Room 93 EP, I was always singing lines from my favorite songs Ghost and Hurricane. Her first EP was definitely a right start to her career. 

As for Badlands when the Album came out this August I was very excited, when I saw my last two favorites had gotten onto the Album which went by a story created by Halsey by the same name. It features 16 songs written by the artist being described as ‘Indie Pop’. The album as a whole did not fail to meet the high expectations I had after Halsey’s first EP, and it seems I’m not the only one it hit home for. The album is currently number nine on the iTunes Charts after being out for three weeks and debuted at number two on the billboard charts. With her headlining tour just a few weeks away and the Internet buzzing about her, it looks like Halsey will be around a while and is only gonna grow. Word is she’s already started writing for her second studio album.

What are your thoughts on the rising star? Tell me in the comments. 

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Rating: 5 stars


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