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‘sup guys! Today I’m really excited to share a few projects I’ve been working on, lately I’ve been super active with planning YouTube and I have three projects happening I wanna talk about today in this update, the first one has been going on for some time and it’s called Aggressive Blobs. 

Aggressive Blobs is a channel I share with my Best Friend and now partner, Raven, and we started it a few months ago but have just begun filming and uploading on a weekly schedule. Every Saturday we put up a new video and we cover a large variety of content from quizzes to story reads and vlogging to skits we have something for everyone and are soon going to be starting to podcast as well so you should definitely check us out, like, comment, subscribe, and share us out if you like us or we make you laugh. We’d love to hear from anyone who watched our videos so don’t be shy to leave us a message on our social media either. We recently reached our second subscriber goal which was twenty and our goal for our latest video is to make it our most viewed while our goal for our subscribers is 39.

Latest video: 

The next project I have is a channel I run myself and it’s called ThatxImpossiblexLostxGirl. I have two sub channels one for music (LaLaLost Girl) and one for vlogging (ImpossibleAdventures) and will soon start posting on my main channel weekly or at least bi-weekly on Wednesday’s. I have one video up on my main channel currently and one on my music channel while my vlogging channel has about two-three. This week I’ll be posting a video of myself reading off my 21st century analysis of Romeo and Juliet so subscribe to me to be updated on when it comes out and know when I post.


And the last but certainly not the least anticipated project I have is going to be called Down the Rabbit Hole and is a collab channel I will be running with 2-6 friends including Raven from Aggressive Blobs. We are currently in the works of planning out the channel and will be starting at the beginning of October. Each week we will be posting and every member will have an assigned day to post on so if all six join then we will have a video out every day which would be awesome. Every week will be a different theme and all the videos will center around that, the first video for everyone will be an introduction to them and I will post an update to the project once we have more information.

Channel Art:  

So what do you think? Are you excited about these projects? Which are you most looking forward too? Thoughts on the videos and channels? Comment on the post and let me know.
Till next time,



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