‘Sup guys!

This weekend was pretty cool and I feel very accomplished with it.


This Friday night (because honestly how is the morning the weekend when you still go to school?) I took out the new sneakers that I bought out with my Mum that I loved, except one part, the white tips were way to long for my taste and in my opinion took away from the splatter design. 

Original shoes:

So to fix this little problem and since I got these on sale, I decided to customize my shoes. Keep in mind: I had NEVER done anything like that before so I was so scared of screwing them up but also so excited to do it since I love design. 

I sat in my living room and was motivated by my friend asking about what I was doing to get up and start sketching out my sneaker designs. Obviously I was going with, I had no idea. The first thing I sketched was a bright red AA (Asking Alexandria), that looked sweet but I wasn’t sure if the initial design of the shoe fit the band, and I wanted to keep sketching so I made a TOP (Twenty One Pilots) and the symbol, I made a Crown the Empire design, I made a My Chemical Romanace, I made many many many designs but could not choose. That is until I texted my best friend something at the same time as she texted me the same thing and her Mum called us creepy. I then promptly thanked my adopted Mother (yes, we’re that close her Mother has adopted me, I have to pay for my own food though she’s not feeding me) because I got the idea to do Ghost Town lyrics as that comment got their awesome song ‘You’re so Creepy’ stuck in my head. So sat on the floor I sketched out the band’s symbol and write out a tone of lyrics that could possibly go on the shoe not sporting the syombol, after going all around my house at like 11:30 and even asking my best friend, the most voted lyric (my dad and little brother even voted for this no less) was ‘Creepy Boys You’re Just My Style’so that’s what I wound up doing, and I sketched it out a few times to make sure I knew what I wanted before drawing on the actual shoe itself. 

I repeat: I DID NOT KNOW WHAT I WAS DOING. So being the get to fabulous bish I am, instead of waiting and going to get the supplies the internet said I needed to customize my shoes, I went to my room, grabbed a pen, a thing of glitter glue, a few nail polishes, and a clear coat before going back into the living room. This is because A) I am very impatient when bored and B) I have no money and no idea where to get that stuff.

So instead I blast Ghost Town’s song (my shoe’s lyric sake) use a pen too nervously sketch on my design, use nail polish to add to it, and seal it up with a clear coat. I’m pretty proud of the results.



On Saturday I woke up at 7AM and had an hour to get ready as I had to by 9AM be ready to go to a football field to work out with a bunch of other girls. Again, this was in the AM so you can see the problem. Although I was ready with at least fifteen minutes to spare, it was my Dad who insisted on rushing me who was not ready until 8:something. 

When we finally did arrive after almost being late because we almost got lost, there were many many girls in colorful outfits some with very done hair and some in makeup or carrying bags. I assume none of them read what we were meant to be doing. So as I waited in line and listened to SayWeCanFly while everyone else listened to some sort of music I paid no attention to as I was listening to SayWeCanFly and that was more important. A volunteer with braided red hair who talked to people in line complimented my hair I complimented her’s (genuinely as I don’t compliment you if I’m not serious) and we had a short discussion on dying your hair where (I know it was like 8:30 and I hadn’t had coffee but still) I literally said ‘YOLO go for it.’ In response to her nerves about dying her hair.

After this exchange I got signed in and went upstairs to get changed (AKA put on my camp shirt over my other shirt as the camp shirt is white and I am a female who was expecting to get soaking wet) and grab a snack before heading to the stands to take a picture where I was going to sit but saw everyone else standing so very awfully and horribly played it off. I thought everyone standing was because they were told but actually it was because it had rained last night and the chairs were a bit wet and I was standing around a lot of girls. So I sat down right when I realized this but bit my tongue on the fact it was kinda ridiculous to do that since we were getting wet anyway to cool down later.

After a group picture we headed back inside for a dance off (which yes.. Because no other girls wanted to I sadly partook in and yes I am a dancer and just said that) and a few speeches as well as a surprise poetry reading. After this we broke into age groups and moved to different rooms at different times for different activities. My group started out with a talk on decision making as we get older which I found really cool and a very important subject, we also talked about troubles many people face in life and how anyone can struggle with insecurities, depression, anxiety, or just in general hard period like family, friend, or any life problems despite their age or where they come from or where they are. 

The next room we went to we analyzed the lyrics to ‘TLC – Unpretty’ and listened to the song together than chatted about the importance of self esteem and broke into groups to write each other cards with complements on them. 

After that we went down stairs to play a game where we put on short plays about peer pressure, bullying, boyfriend pressure, and family issues. After which we talked about it all in real terms.

Then for the fitness part we finally went outside and all got snacks and drinks to take a (very very short) break before heading out to the football players training field. There we drilled like the players and then competed in various games such as tug of war (my team won so the other team did push ups hehe) and races. All and all it was a really fun day and I even met someone their who seems really cool and exchanged Tumblr’s (yes, tumblr’s) so may have even gotten a new friend.

After all this I ate the provided lunch in the car and went to get groceries with my Dad and pick up milk for my sister, then he bought me Starbucks and I recorded at home with my best friend for our YouTube channel.

My favorite picture of me from the event:  

Sunday was a lazy day. I woke up at around 12-1PM (don’t judge me like you’ve never done it) and spent most of the day in my room and on the internet doing thing I don’t even know. I spend 90% of my life on my computer and I don’t even know what I do on my computer.

Comment how your weekend went! Did you do anything special? Or was it just an extended version of my Sunday (in which case: LUCKY)?

Till next time,



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